Have we got an agent for you!

Scott Curnow & Murray Rose , 11 Jan 2018

After making our wish list for our dream property we started our search. We found a property online and contacted the agent, Richard Jones of Meridian Property Group. I talked with Richard on the phone about the wish list in detail and the requirements for our new home. Richard was honest, open and fair dinkum in his responses and provided reasons behind why he thought this property suited our needs against our criteria. We made an appointment to view the property and again Richard was a cordial host being there for questions, but not upon us constantly. Richard’s transparent and candid responses allowed us to feel confident in the property and our agent.

We purchased our new home on 40 hectares. Richard invited us to come and see the property again and personally introduced us to the property’s house, machinery, water management and solar systems. Richard even introduced us to the post office and local facilities. We were also given a list of local tradespersons (a very useful and used list).

We couldn’t be happier with our new home or our choice of agent. We felt respected and Richard ensured that we were not just purchasing a house but were becoming part of the community.

 The whole exercise from first contact to key exchange was simple, friendly, honest and exciting, thank you Richard.